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We can supply a wide range of imported equipment and materials for wineries. From tractors and attachments and carriers to drones and small accessories. If you have a direct contract with the manufacturer, we will help with logistics and customs clearance, obtaining permits (certificates, declarations of conformity, test reports).
  • Agro-industrial drones can significantly reduce the cost of routine operations, automate processes and monitor the condition of fields and crops remotely.
  • Equipment for all production of wine, from the stage of collection and preparation of materials, ending with the capping and storage of bottles.
  • Bottles of different sizes from 187.5 ml (Piccolo or Split) to 30 liters (Melchizedek or Midas), as well as any shape.
  • All types of cork: natural, incl. alternative, synthetic, screw, glass, crown cap. Depend on the volume we can arrange the delivery even by air freight.